Very poor image scaling in LWUIT? Solved!

Working on a recent project involving the visualization of images from a server on mobile devices' (small) screens, I got in touch with a serious problem: LWUIT has a fast, but very poor scaling algorithm. The quality of the images scaled to be smaller is very poor, as much as texts and numbers cannot be read on the screen. Because I had to solve the problem I looked for a solution and I found the library J2ME Army Knife ( that suppiles several utility classes to manage images.The really interesting classes that helped me to solve my problem was: ImageTransformationResize and ImageTransformationSmooth The following function resize an image to a given width ... [More]

Anche su iPhone si celebrano i centocinquant'anni dell'Unità d'Italia

Sull'App Store è stata appena pubblicata i150, un'applicazione per iPhone, iPad e iPod Touch che celebra i centocinquant'anni dell'Unità d'Italia. L'applicazione, dal design semplice ma efficace, vuole celebrare i sentimenti di Patria, Libertà e Eroismo che contraddistinsero il periodo storico antecedente l'Unità d'Italia e propone alcune notizie storiche sul Risorgimento, sulla spedizione dei Mille e sui personaggi eroici che contribuirono all'unificazione dell'Italia. Consente poi l'ascolto dell'Inno di Mameli, proponendo all'ascoltatore anche il testo completo dell'inno. Il link all'App Store è: [More]

Finally Sun J2ME on Windows Mobile

Some days ago I got my new Acer P300. Windows Mobile 6.5.3, QWERTY keyboard; great phone! But after a few clicks I discovered that it doesn't supply a Java Virtual Machine to run J2ME applications. So, I started googling to find a Java Virtual Machine for my phone. After a couple of hours, surfing here and there, following links in forums, blogs, etc., I found some different solutions but after installation on my phone, they don't work as expected. Some of them don't start at all. Some others start but many Java MIDlets doesn't work. Most MIDlets refuse to install and even if you manage to install one, they either do not work or display with some bad resolutions. I was in a hell of... [More]

How to protect your privacy in SMS communication

Million of users in the world exchange every day several SMS messages to communicate faster and cheaper. Users write anything in their SMS messages, irrilevant matters as well as important and secret stuffs, but very a few know the vulnerabilities and the risks beyond this communication way. Most users do not realize how easy it may be to intercept SMS messages. From one end, carriers store SMS messages on their database. Potentially, carrier's employees can read your messages as well any third party that is near to the carrier or that can intercept your SMS messages in the air when you send it. More in depth, it would be relatively complex for a third party to hack into the carrier's syste... [More]