Smart Card Programming

Smart Card Programming
Ugo Chirico, Lulu, 2013, Second Edition
317 pages



With Smart Card Programming the reader will have the expert guidance he need to work with smart cards.

The book offers a comprehensive guide to the technological aspects related to smart cards, providing an high level overview of the technological panorama and giving an in-depth technical coverage about the related architectures, programming paradigms and APIs.

The first part of the book introduces the smart card technologies, the general concepts and a few case studies. It is addressed also to non-technical reader who wishes an high level overview on smart card world.The second part of the book is a technical guide to smart card specifications and programming paradigms. It dives into technical topics about smart card programming and applications development in C/C++, C#, Visual Basic and Java.

Key features include:

- Contact and Contactless Cards
- ISO 7816
- JavaCard Framework
- PKCS#11
- OpenCard Framework
- Java Smart Card I/O
- GlobalPlatform

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