Very poor image scaling in LWUIT? Solved!

Working on a recent project involving the visualization of images from a server on mobile devices' (small) screens, I got in touch with a serious problem: LWUIT has a fast, but very poor scaling algorithm. The quality of the images scaled to be smaller is very poor, as much as texts and numbers cannot be read on the screen. Because I had to solve the problem I looked for a solution and I found the library J2ME Army Knife ( that suppiles several utility classes to manage images.
The really interesting classes that helped me to solve my problem was:




The following function resize an image to a given width and height:

public static Image scaled(Image img, int w, int h)
    SmartImage simage =

        new SmartImage(img.getRGB(),

    ImageTransformationResize resizer =
        new ImageTransformationResize();

    resizer.setTargetDimensions(w, h);

    AbstractImage rimage = resizer.process(simage);   

    return Image.createImage(rimage.getRGBData(),

to scale to a smaller ratio use this function:

public static Image scaledSmallerRatio(Image img, int w, int h)
    float hRatio = ((float)h) / ((float)img.getHeight());
    float wRatio = ((float)w) / ((float)img.getWidth());
    if(hRatio < wRatio) {
        return scaled(img,
                      (int)(img.getWidth() * hRatio),
                      (int)(img.getHeight() * hRatio));
    } else {
        return scaled(img,
                      (int)(img.getWidth() * wRatio),
                      (int)(img.getHeight() * wRatio));

If you want to scale to a greater image you may need to smooth the resized image in order to reduce the pixellation. You can use the class ImageTransformationSmooth.

The following function makes the smoothing:

public static Image smooth(Image img, int passes)
    SmartImage simage =
        new SmartImage(img.getRGB(),

    ImageTransformationSmooth smoother =
        new ImageTransformationSmooth();


    AbstractImage fimage = smoother.process(img);

    return Image.createImage(fimage.getRGBData(),

Note that the above snippets work also on J2ME as well as on BlackBerry (RIM API).I didn't try on Android yet


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  • I have been trying all other functions except this one to solve the problem. What an idiot I am!

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