Smart Card Console and Emulator

Smart Card Console allows to send ISO 7816 commands (APDU) to smart cards. You can set the APDU (CLA, INS, P1, P2, LC, LE) and save the history and favorites.

At top right there is a combo-box to select a smart card reader. If you don't see any smart card reader, plug a reader and press "Refresh" "Connect" button connects to the smart card At top middle there are the command fields CLA, INS, P1, P2, LC, DATA to set the APDU to send. "Send" button sends the APDU to the smart card.

You may also install it on your PC:

Windows: download and run the setup file SmartCardConsoleSetup2.0.0.4.exe and follow the installation wizard. 

Linux / MacOS: download the zip file and unzip it in a folder on your pc. 

The old version of the Smart Card Console v. supplies also a smart card emulator, a virtual smart card, that allows to send ISO 7816 commands (APDU) to the virtual reader with a virtual smart card for training with ISO 7816 commands. The Console/Emulator is supplied together with the book: "Programmazione delle Smart Card" di Ugo Chirico

Installation (Windows Only):

Run the file VSCEmuSetup.exe and follow the installation wizard.

The emulator supplies a very simple smart card compliant with ISO 7816 part 4 specification. Such a virtual smart card has been implemented purely to show the behaviour of real smart cards. Altough it respect the ISO 7816 specification, the virtual smart card support only a limited set of APDUs, and some of them has been simplified, or implemented only in part, to simplify the study. The refence manual reports all APDUs supported by the virtual smart card.

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