Web Digital Signature and Authentication using 4Identity

Starting from Chrome 46 and Edge on Windows 10, Java Applets are not more supported. As of this writing, Firefox and Safari still support them but we expect that in a near future they will stop supporting them.

For such reason existing solutions for Digital Signature and Authentication based upon Java Applets will not work any more.

Bit4id has developed a revolutionary product that empowers web applications with Digital Signature and Authentication processes removing the need of Java Applets or any other third party add-on. 

4identity is simple, it is compatible with any web browser and works under the most used operating systems. It gives you the power to develop web signature application and seamlessly deploy to web interfaces.

This is the web site: http://www.4identity.eu

On that web site you will find a well documented API and a Developer Guide to develop your business and web application with 4Identity Digital Signature Engine. 

The developer guide is a quick 'do this and it works' guide with simple but powerful examples. 



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