Very poor image scaling in LWUIT? Solved!

Working on a recent project involving the visualization of images from a server on mobile devices' (small) screens, I got in touch with a serious problem: LWUIT has a fast, but very poor scaling algorithm. The quality of the images scaled to be smaller is very poor, as much as texts and numbers cannot be read on the screen. Because I had to solve the problem I looked for a solution and I found the library J2ME Army Knife ( that suppiles several utility classes to manage images.The really interesting classes that helped me to solve my problem was: ImageTransformationResize and ImageTransformationSmooth The following function resize an image to a given width and height: public static Image scaled(Image img, int w, int h){    SmartImage simage =        new SmartImage(img.getRGB(),     &... [Prosegue]

Anche su iPhone si celebrano i centocinquant'anni dell'Unità d'Italia

Sull'App Store è stata appena pubblicata i150, un'applicazione per iPhone, iPad e iPod Touch che celebra i centocinquant'anni dell'Unità d'Italia. L'applicazione, dal design semplice ma efficace, vuole celebrare i sentimenti di Patria, Libertà e Eroismo che contraddistinsero il periodo storico antecedente l'Unità d'Italia e propone alcune notizie storiche sul Risorgimento, sulla spedizione dei Mille e sui personaggi eroici che contribuirono all'unificazione dell'Italia. Consente poi l'ascolto dell'Inno di Mameli, proponendo all'ascoltatore anche il testo completo dell'inno. Il link all'App Store è: Ecco alcuni screenshot:

How to import an X509Certificate in a PKCS#11 token/HSM using C#

The simplest way to import an X509Certificate in a PKCS#11 token, smart card or HSM is by using NCryptoki.NCryptoki is a library for .NET framework that implements the PKCS#11 specifications and supplies an API for C#, VB.NET, Visual Basic 6, Delphi and other COM interop languages for integrating a PKCS#11 compliant token in any application.NCryptoki allows to avoid from the extremely tedious work needed to import in your favorite programming language the PKCS#11 functions exposed by native, unmanaged PKCS#11 implementations reducing the complexity of the code and saving a lot of development time.NCryptoki maps the cryptoki's functions defined in PKCS#11 specification in a set of high level classes usable in C#, VB.NET and propose a programming paradigm that allows to integrate your PKCS#11 compliant token in your applications easily with a few lines of code.NCryptoki supplies a... [Prosegue]

Disable the Smart Card Plug & Play Option in Windows 7

Windows 7 has introduced a new plug&play feature for smart cards: now when you insert a smart card in the reader Windows 7 tries to find a smart card driver (aka minidriver, see this for more info: that must be used for security related functions like Windows-Logon or digitally signing of documents. Prerequisite for this kind of usage is that the card must be a cryptographic card, suitable for digital signature and encrytion and the manufacturer/issuer of the card, supporting this feature, must provide necessary drivers/software via Windows®-Update. Because most of the cards used by customers are not cryptographic cards, that cannot be compliant with that feature and doesn't have a suitable driver, the users see a message saying, that the installation of a driver for the smart card fails every time a smart c... [Prosegue]